This top of the line system is characterized by an arm movement with a four thread-start worm screw, 40 Ø, 40 pitch with recirculating ball screw controlled by a brushless motor. The spraying group, which can contain one or more heads, is supported by a linear bearing with slides. The work cycle is managed by a PLC with a touch screen panel that allows you to perform both spot and pass spraying, select the lubricating heads, and set spraying time. The management program includes the ability to save different lubrication-cycle settings to be reused for
repetitive details.
In order to find the optimal distance between the mold and the lubricating head, it is possible to adjust the height of the arm through the machine’s set-up program.
The Lubsystem 600 series also comes with a programmable automatic washing system for the release agent circuit and an independent die cleaning air system.


  • Electronic movement with brushless motor and spherical screw with up to 4 lubricating heads
  • Limitless lubrication functions and times
  • Simple and intuitive programming
  • Easy removal to facilitate maintenance on the press
  • Height adjustment of the spraying group with encoder
  • Automatic washing system

A single machine to cover all types of lubrication:

  • Single-point, multiple-points on the same mold, or even spread on a long and complex mold
  • Electronic movement
  • Highly performant for presses from 1000 to 8000 tons
  • Possibility of air cleaning system only if necessary, heads with transversal translation
  • Height adjustment
  • Heads with transversal translation