DLS | Die Lubrication Solutions

The DIE LUBRICATION SOLUTIONS’ story starts back in 1974 when Gianpaolo Bertotti designed and built his first lubricator for the company he worked for at the time.
Gianpaolo’s brilliance and resourcefulness made it possible for him and his son, Fabio Bertotti, to open a small workshop dedicated to the repair and maintenance of hot forging machinery in 2001. As the workload increased significantly, the company moved to an 800 square meter warehouse in Salassa and hired a couple of employees.
In 2006, Alessia Bertotti, the founder’s daughter, took the helm of the company.
The 2009 crisis pushed the company to rethink its strategy and assets. It developed a project for the creation of mold lubrication and mixing release systems. After a few years of tests and improvements, the project turned out to be a great success and, in 2018, DLS – DIE LUBRICATION SOLUTIONS was born.

The name and brand were chosen to accurately represent the company’s field of operation.
The constant search for high-end technical solutions allows DLS to offer the market an innovative, proprietary, well researched and designed patented technology.
Our in-house DLS lab combines an incredible team of experts and great technological resources in order to help our clients find the most suitable solution for their needs. This process often requires research and the creation of new and innovative solutions.
We provide design and construction services which can either be turnkey