high and low pressure spray

DIE LUBRICATION SOLUTIONS can become your reference point for the lubrication of dies for hot steel forging, to provide support for existing systems, to supply custom spare parts or to make improvements. In the case of lubrication that is integrated into the die holder, we can supply the liquid regulation element with our stainless steel pneumatic needle valves. The great strength of DIE LUBRICATION SOLUTIONS is represented by the flexibility of the equipment we build. All systems are customized and are therefore designed for specific needs. LUBSYSTEM equipment has a very effective system that mixes compressed air and release agent at the end of the lubrication head. This allows for uniform lubrication of the die.


All systems can be customized and designed for the customer’s special needs.


Designed for specific applications or in installations with limited space, it has a mechanical rotary operation
using a pneumatic actuator. This system can be combined with linear actuators and, when used with particular heads, allows deep pre-forming dies to be lubricated, reducing the overall dimensions and contributing to cooling. Also ideal for mounting on small friction screw presses. Also in this case a PLC manages the spraying times and methods.